Season 2019 - The Protagonists


Chris Collins

Chris Collins is a professional jazz saxophonist who has played in Japan, South Africa, Europe and North America, both as a leader of his ensembles and as a soloist. He is professor of the Faculty of Jazz Music at the University of Detroit and president and artistic director of the Detroit Jazz Festival (the largest free jazz festival in the world.)


He has performed in jazz festivals including: Cork, Ireland, Montreux-Switzerland, Panama, Pori, Nice, North Sea and Glasgow - and has won numerous awards, including the first American to receive the Brusoni award in Italy in 2011.


His latest CD "Detours Detroit" for Clarinet and Harp quartet combines classical and jazz elements. His "Electro-Monk, Acoustic-Funk" fuses techno and acoustic jazz with extraordinary originality. His hit "Jazz from the Shamrock Shore" (Harriett Jazz / ASCAP) features extensive compositions that artistically combine instrumentation, musical vocabulary and repertoire of Irish folk tradition with American Jazz.


He has worked on commercial recordings and movie soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the award-winning Paramount Pictures publication "The Big Night" and the television series Leverage and the Librarian. The art of Collins can be heard on the CD "A Hot Night In Paris" The Phil Collins Big Band (Atlantic) and numerous jazz publications. Collins has performed with artists such as Danilo Perez, Pistol Allen, Lou Rawls, Mel Torme, Marcus Belgrave, Detroit Jazz All-Stars, Doc Severinsen, Matt Michaels, The Turin Philharmonic 900 and Detroit Symphony Orchestra.


He has held numerous workshops and Master Classes around the world including the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin, the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Tokyo Japan, Europe, South Africa, Glasgow, Scotland. This year Chris Collins will perform in Quarna with the Italian Trio with Roberto Mattei on double bass and Nicola Stranieri on drums


del Corpo Musicale di Cadorago (Como)

The Junior Band "Let's play in Harmony" is the youth training of the Cadorago Music Corps and was created to allow the fourth and fifth graders of primary school to start a learning path of the music together as an important element of socialization and aggregation. The training has 50 elements with an average age of less than 14 years.


Despite the young age of its members, the Junior Band has already participated in important band competitions always with excellent results: in 2017 the third position in the competition for youth bands of Costa Volpino (BG) and in 2018 the first position in the international competition for bands youth MusicUp of Udine.


Franco Arrigoni

Graduated in Trumpet and Band Instrumentation, Franco Arrigoni specialized in conducting with several orchestra conducting internships with internationally renowned teachers.


He is a trumpet teacher at the Middle School of Music in Cadorago (Como) and director of the Istituto Orchestra. He was the permanent director of the "Youth Band Fe.Ba.Co" and artistic director of three Summer Internships (2012-2015). Since 1994 he has directed the Civic Philharmonic of Bellinzona and since 2004 the Cadorago Music Corps, with these formations, regularly participates in competitions and realizes innovative musical projects.


He has numerous compositions and arrangements for the band to his credit, some of which have become compulsory pieces for national and international competitions. He is often invited as a juror in national and international competitions.


  • Canone                     J. Pachelbel/Arr. P. Lavender

  • Vortex                       Robert Longfield

  • Ancient Voices         Michael Sweeney

  • Villotta Friulana       Franco Arrigoni

  • Abutsu-Bo                Enrico Tiso

  • Fires Of Mazama     Michael Sweeney

  • Band Class Swing    Andrew Balent

  • Atzec Fire                  Jay Bocook

  • Oye Como Va           T.Puente/Arr. M.Brown

Piero Bittolo Bon

Piero Bittolo Bon is one of the most active and requested saxophonists and composers in the jazz and improvised music scene in Italy. In addition to the alto saxophone, his instrument of choice, he plays baritone sax, flutes and clarinets.


He is currently at the head of the Bread & Fox quintet and the sextet Jump The Shark and together with Alfonso Santimone he directs the TJCO, the resident orchestra of the Ferrara Club, and the two collaborative trios Rex Kramer together with Stefano Dallaporta and Andrea Grillini and Crisco 3 together with Francesco Bigoni and Beppe Scardino. In addition to an intense collaboration with the groups of members of the collective El Gallo Rojo of which he was a member, such as Orange Room by Beppe Scardino, Rollerball by Massimiliano Sorrentini, Laser Pigs by Alfonso Santimone and On Dog by Francesco Bigoni, is a member of the Camera Lirica ensemble by Domenico Caliri, of the Open Combo by Silvia Bolognesi and collaborates with countless other groups on the Italian and European scene.


His search for new sounds obtainable from the saxophone resulted in his only SPELUNKER set which he toured in Italy, Europe and the United States.

His discography counts about fifty titles, of which 12 as a leader or co-leader.

Among his many collaborations: Danilo Gallo, Zeno de Rossi, Beppe Scardino, Enrico Terragnoli, Nelide Bandello, Francesco Bigoni, Massimiliano Sorrentini, Achille Succi, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Tiziano Tononi, Francesco Cusa, Domenico Caliri, Simone Massaron, Silvia Bolognesi, John De Leo, Lisa Mezzacappa, Maurice Louca, Uri Caine, Peter Evans, Steve Lehman, John Tchicai, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Lukas Ligeti, Gino Robair, Gerhard Gschloessl.


Francesco Bigoni
Born in Ferrara in 1982, Francesco Bigoni has been active on the jazz and improvised European music scene for about fifteen years. He has played in groups directed by Enrico Rava, Gianluca Petrella, Greg Cohen, Stefano Battaglia, Francesco Diodati, Domenico Caliri and Jim Black.

As a founding member of the collective / label El Gallo Rojo, Francesco has co-produced over 50 albums and given life, as a leader and sideman, to projects such as Rootless, Houdini’s Cage, Headless Cat, Orange Room.


Since 2009 he resides in Copenhagen, where he graduated from the Rhytmic Music Conservatory and graduated in electronic engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.


He is a member of the Danish collective / label ILK since 2013. His sound research extends from the musical field to that of electro-acoustics and interaction design. Currently Francesco, together with guitarist Mark Solborg, directs the On Dog quintet (with Piero Bittolo Bon, Beppe Scardino and Marc Lohr) and participates in a collective trio with Solborg himself and pianist Emanuele Maniscalco.


As a sideman, he collaborates with Maria Faust, Zeno De Rossi, Danilo Gallo, Federica Michisanti, Giulio Corini and Alfonso Santimone.


Beppe Scardino

Beppe Scardino, baritone saxophonist, bass clarinetist, composer, arranger.


"Baritone saxophonist, bass clarinetist and a versatile composer, Beppe Scardino has been a central figure of the most creative Italian jazz for a decade" (Angelo Leonardi - All About Jazz)


After a heterogeneous course of study he graduated in jazz at the "Martini" Conservatory of Bologna with a thesis on the last Coltrane.

Collaborator for years of trombonist Gianluca Petrella (in the groups Cosmic Band and Il Bidone) with whom he has the opportunity to perform in the major Italian and European jazz festivals.


A member of the Plutino trio of drummer Bobby Previte, he has played and recorded with artists such as Tim Berne, Amiri Baraka, Sadiq Bey, Enrico Rava, Rob Mazurek, Pee Wee Ellis.


He plays steadily in the groups: Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, Mr Rencore, On Dog by the saxophonist Francesco Bigoni, C'Mon Tigre, L'Orchestrino.


He directed a sextet, "Orange Room", with which he released two records for the El Gallo Rojo label.


He was part of the quintet of John De Leo and his Grande Abarasse Orchestra, he played for years with singer-songwriter Bobo Rondelli, he collaborated, also as an arranger, with Virginiana Miller, with singer-songwriter Emma Morton, with Bad Love Experience, with Mezzala, with Daniele Silvesti, with Diodato.


He plays with the Caliber 35, with which he participated in February 2018 in the presentation tour of the last work, "Decade".

He is currently leading a trio and a quintet roof in his name.


Tim Garland

Tim Garland, born October 19, 1966, is a British jazz saxophonist, composer and bandleader. His compositions blur the boundary between modern jazz and classical concert music.

Garland was born in Ilford, Essex and grew up in Canterbury, Kent. He started with clarinet and piano before moving on to saxophone when he was fifteen. At the Guildhall School of Music he studied jazz and classical composition. In 1988 he recorded his first album, Points on the Curve.


As leader of the group, he won the recognition for the first time with the cross jazz / folk group Lammas
(which included Don Paterson and Christine Tobin), continuing with a number of groups under his name, the Dean Street Underground Orchestra, Storms / Nocturnes, Acoustic Triangle and the Lighthouse Project.


During the 1990s, he worked with Ronnie Scott and Ralph Towner. After releasing Enter the Fire, his second album as a leader, he became a member of the Origin band led by Chick Corea. He was also a member of bands led by Bill Bruford, Allan Ganley and John Dankworth.


He has received commissions from the Royal Northern Symphony, the BBC Concert Orchestra and the Westminster Abbey Choir, as well as from small and large jazz ensembles. In 2013, he debuted with his suite Songs to the North Sky for the jazz trio and orchestra, written in 2012 for the Lighthouse with the Royal Northern Symphony trio, played by them and the London Sinfonia.


In 2009, Garland won a Grammy Award for his part in creating "The New Crystal Silence" which celebrated the partnership between Chick Corea and Gary Burton. He orchestrated five of Korea's tracks for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


Tim Garland Weather Walker Trio

  • Tim Garland, sax

  • Jason Rebello, piano

  • Yuri Goloubev, double bass

Tim Garland's Trio Weather Walker combines three world-class virtuosos at the height of their expressive power.
The great experience of Garland, already the driving force of famous trio such as Lighthouse, Acoustic Triangle and Storms / Nocturne, led him to a point where artistic complexity is told with extreme clarity.

To quote Chick Corea, with whom he has worked extensively for a period of 18 years, "his level of genius is rare".

A Quarna will be presented Weather Walker the last disc of Tim Garland. The material for Weather Walker was born of Tim's love for the natural world, particularly for the Lake District. The music uses folk songs and, for this concert series, some unconventional and really suggestive atmospheric instruments.

Jason Rebello has been a friend of Tim for almost thirty years. His artistic career, which includes collaborations with the likes of Sting and Jeff Beck and also an critically acclaimed solo album, makes him one of the most experienced and creative pianists in the UK.
Yuri Goloubev, the bass-prodigy of Moscow, with his instrument has an expressiveness that leaves you breathless, which blends perfectly with the compositions of Garland who, Grammy Award winners, masterfully combine lyricism and interaction.

Tim Garland's great experience has led him to the point where artistic complexity is told with extreme clarity.


Jerry Bergonzi 

Jerry Bergonzi, born in Boston of Italian-American parents, was defined by Down Beat as "Tower of Power".
Jazz musicians from all over the world recognize an undisputed instrumental mastery and appreciate the genius of his compositions and his style that has reunited many of the main dialects of modern tenorism in a style, phrasing, vocabulary and a personal sound that encompass, synthesize and give new light to the styles of Rollins, Coltrane, Joe Henderson and Wayne Shorter.

Jerry Bergonzi is the author of some manuals of jazz theory and practice, published by the German publishing house Advance, which are among the most studied by musicians of the new generations all over the world.
His influence on musicians is enormous both for his style and for his innovative musical conceptions and he is also a famous sought-after teacher.

Jerry Bergonzi, besides the saxophones, also plays piano, bass, drums with excellent levels.
He is not only a musician's musicians but also a cult saxophonist among many jazz fans all over the world, particularly among those less subject to the fashions and chimeras of record marketing.

A shy, gentle, reserved man who is not inclined to public relations, wholly possessed by music that plays with indomitable energy and fierce dedication produces a music of great impact and vital force that gives life to an intense and dramatic "poetic of restlessness" pervaded by a virile expressive urgency both in its original compositions and in the standards that it often reinvents completely.

He is also considered a superb performer of ballads who have always been the real test for any jazz musician who has reached maturity.
Currently Jerry Bergonzi teaches theory and practice of jazz at the New England Conservatory of Music and performs both as a free lance and as leader of his own groups all over the world.

Jerry Bergonzi as leader and sideman recorded with: Bobby Watson, Kenny Barron, Victor Lewis, Franco Ambrosetti, Mulgrew Miller, Dave Brubeck, Mike Stern, Michael Brecker, Alex Riel, etc ...

To accompany him for the concert there will be: Renato Chicco on the piano, and Andrea Michelutti on drums. Therefore a new high-class appointment exclusively for Northern Italy wanted by Quarna Musica.


Banda Musicale Alpina di Malesco-VB

Conductor Mauro Colnaghi

The "Musica di Malesco" was founded in 1878; some written testimonies of that period tell us that: "During the present year (1878) eleven Maleschesi of good will have formed a Music to give luster to the country".


The start of these pioneers is very picturesque. They meet assiduously in a small room in the old Town Hall and, when it is cold, each of them brings a piece of wood from home to warm the environment.

The success is immediate and they say: "there is no celebration in the Valley that they are not called to cheer, and hopefully, with time and study, they will always progress from good to better".

From then until now the "Società Musicale" has always continued its activity, handing down the passion for music from father to son, despite some brief interruptions due to the two World Wars.


Only in 1970 the "Società Musicale" takes the current name of "Banda Musicale Alpina di Malesco" also adopting the current uniform that is inspired by the traditional Vigezzo costume.

Currently the group is composed of about thirty elements from 13 to 80 years old with a good nursery
of students.


You can get information and continuous updates on the activities of the band following the
facebook and instagram pages 140 anni in musica


Program of 13 July 2019

  • Music from the world

  • Bomber by R. Soglia

  • The Crown of Castile by J. Vinson

  • March of the Belgian Paratroopers by P. Leemans

  • Three Ayres from Gloucester by H. M. Stuart

  • St. Petersburg March by J. Vinson

  • Asian Folk rhapsody by R. L. Saucedo

  • Down Under by J. Curnow

  • Libertango by A. Piazzolla

  • Armed Force on Parade by M. Sweeney

  • The Wild Westerns! of M. Story

Corpo Filarmonico Cannerese

Direttore Stefano Rapetti

The Cannerese Philharmonic Corps was founded in 1907 thanks to the happy intuition of the founding President, Cavalier Piero Chiodoni, a wealthy man, known and respected in the country, who particularly believed in associations as a means of human and social community growth.


Under a single uniform, actually at the beginning a simple cap, the many amateur musicians of the country joined together, adhering to the new reality regulated by the Statute of 1908 whose fundamental article is and will always be number one:

to promote the material and moral well-being of Cannero, a goal that the band has always tried to pursue, in the 111 years of the life of the Filarmonic body the world has changed and with it the faces, fashions, musical tastes, needs but it is intact the spirit that animates it.


Many masters took turns at the direction, the master Bocchi who from Luino reached Cannero by boat and of whom we keep many autographed transcriptions for band, the master Alberghini who first had the brilliant intuition to open the doors to women in the early sixties and collaborate with schools, to give new life to the association, to the master Sergio Portigliotti who gave great renewal to the band's repertoire.


Master Stefano Rapetti has been the artistic director for 12 years, under whose direction the band looks to the future, aimed above all at the younger generations: currently our training includes 25 elements and has a music orientation school that counts 15 students from six to fourteen years of age .


  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • (John Williams - Ralph Ford)

  • Queen greatest hits

  • (Mercury, Deacon, May - Peter Schaars)

  • The lion king

  • (Elton John - John Higgins)

  • Hoosier suite

  • (Robert Smith)


Stefano Rapetti

He graduated in clarinet with the highest grade at Cons. "G. Cantelli ”of Novara under the guidance of Maestro Sandro Tognatti.

He participates in courses held by Charles Neidich, Fabrizio Meloni and Alessandro Carbonare and in 2003 he obtained the diploma of the Academy of High Specialization "L. Perosi ”of Biella with“ excellent ”evaluation, with Thomas Friedli.


He participates in various orchestral training courses, including those of the Italian Youth Orchestra of Fiesole, of the La Scala Academy with Denis Zanchetta and of the Paganini Conservatory of Genoa with Vincenzo Mariozzi.

He collaborates with various orchestras (Coccia Theater of Novara, Savona Symphony Orchestra, "The Virtuosos of Rome", Chamber Orchestra of Mantua OCM, Accademia Wind Orchestra, etc.) and in 2005 obtained eligibility for the Arena di Verona , like clarinet and small clarinet.

He is a member of various chamber groups (Ensemble Scherer with classical instruments, Ensemble Barocco Vermeer, choir of clarinets "Ensemble 32", swing group "Blues d’Ance", etc.).


Since 2008 he has dedicated himself to the study of baroque music and in 2013 he graduated in baroque recorder at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan with Maestro Daniele Bragetti (attending courses and master classes with Walter van Hauwe, Stefano Bragetti and Claudia Caffagni).


Since 2007 he has been the clarinet director and lecturer of the Cannerese Philharmonic Corps.


Since 2015 he has embarked on a new path combining modern clarinet and ancient music, devoting himself to the study of the classical clarinet on original instruments of the 18th century, under the guidance of Maestro Rocco Carbonara, also following lessons with Eric Hoeprich and Luca Lucchetta.


Arkadiy Shilkloper

Was born in Moscow and started playing the alto flugelhorn (Genis !!) at the age of six and went on to horn in 1967. At the age of eleven he entered the Moscow military music school. After two years of military service (1974-1976) he studied from 1976 to 1981 at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow (Gnessin Russian Academy of Music). At the same time he began his career in the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra (1978 - 1985) and also began his first jazz activities.


In 1984, he formed a duo with his colleague from the Bolshoi Theater, bassist Mikhail Karetnikow, with whom he recorded the "Move" LP. Melodiya, С60 26043 003)


"Shilkloper and his bass player swing as if it were nobody's business. He rips and riffs and goes to places where horn players should not go without a net, map, seat belt, helmet, aerial support from above and a note from the their mothers. And he does it with extraordinary ease and musicality.I think maybe no one ever told him that "playing jazz with the horn is very difficult, and probably not natural or maybe the phrase does not translate into Russian." Way for a camel a mile to hear this guy.


From 1985 to 1989 he played with A. Kirichenko and S. Letov in the Tri-O LP band "Three Holes".


At the same time he was a member of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.


From 1986 he collaborates with the pianist Mikhail Alperin. Their first album "Wave of Sorrow" 1990) was the first Russian album on ECM. Subsequently Shilkloper participated in three other recordings of Alperin for ECM: "North Story" 1997), "First Impression" 1999) and "Her First Dance" 2008.


The "first impression" was recorded in December 1997 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.


In 1990, the duo Alperin-Shilkloper invited Sergey Starostin, a clarinetist trained at the Moscow Conservatory and a researcher of authentic Russian folk music, which led to the creation of the Moscow Art Trio. Trio tours regularly, even though its members now live in three different countries; is one of the most interesting and famous ethno-jazz groups in Russia. In Russia, their albums were released by Boheme Music; in Europe, by Jaro.


In 1990, Shilkloper visited the United States for the first time. According to Leonard Feather of the Los Angeles Times, "the Soviet horn virtuoso was one of four Soviet Union jazz musicians who arrived here last week to attend the 23rd edition of the Idaho University Jazz Festival in the city of the same name of his hometown.


Since 1995 Arkady Shilkloper has been playing in Pago Libre with the Austrian violinist Tscho Theissing, the Swiss pianist John Wolf Brennan and the Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid since January 2012, new member of the double bass: Tom Götze from Dresden.


Since 1998, Arkady also plays the Alphorn, a rather unusual instrument for improvised music. Arkady is considered one of the best jazz artists on Alphorn. His albums "Pilatus", "Presente Para Moscou" and "Zum Gipfel und zurück" present many of his different types of Alphorn.


In 1998 - 2002 Arkady Shilkloper performed with the great European orchestra, the Vienna Art Orchestra.


In 2000, Arkady put together the Mauve Trio with Alegre Corrêa guitar) and Georg Breinschmid double bass. Their debut album "Mauve" Quinton Records, 2002 received the prestigious Hans Koller Prize of Austria as "CD of the Year".


In 2004, he performed the first performance of the Concert for Alphorn and Orchestra by Daniel Schnyder, a work commissioned by the Menuhin Festival of Gstaad.


In 2012, he began a collaboration with singer Christian Zehnder and with John Wolf Brennan


In 2015, Jazzahead presented his duet with the young Ukrainian jazz pianist Vadim Neselovskyi.


Shilkloper has learned the extended techniques for both the horn and the Alphorn. According to Leonard Feather, his control of the horn and his creativity have set a new standard.

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